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Google Glasses are the most anticipated development in personal electronics since the cellphone. Massive pressure has been building up within the Tech-Reatail sector for adequate supply to enable customers to buy Google Glasses online once these are released. Unfortunately due to production constraints, as well as Google’s marketing strategy most end consumers will not be able to buy Google Glasses at launch. This is understandable as nothing makes headlines and fuels desire like seeing massive lines of people waiting to buy a product (Apple launches come to mind), inevitably leading Google to withhold supply to its retail partners for the inital launch phase.

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Luckily here at we are actively partnering with all Google’s potential retail channels to be able to offer you the opportunity to buy Google Glasses Online as close to the launch as possible. Despite supply being tight, we are confident that we will be in a position to help a sizeable number of you to buy your Google Glasses online. To ensure that you will be one of the first to rock these once they launch please fill in our Google Glass Pre-Order form, you will then receive an email notification once Google Glasses hit the market.

When will I Be Able to Buy Google Glasses Online?

The US Launch is likely to be an elaborate affair, with teasers and celebrity sightings pre-empting the actual launch, as well as many clever stunts used to emphasise the many uses Google envisages for Project Glass (lets not forget that Google is one of  the world’s top marketing companies). Approximate date  for ‘G day’ is Q2-3 2014. In the meantime Google is offering the Google Glass Explorer edition to developers for $1,500 sometime next year.

When will Google  Glasses go on Sale in the UK?

Traditionally tech products  launch in the UK a couple of months following the US launch. The Google Glass UK launch will most probably follow this proven formula, as it allows companies to conduct a proper post-launch exercise and tweak their campaign with the newly available data. Our prediction is to expect the UK launch to be Christmas 2014. In either case, UK and EU citizens can sign up on our Google Glass Pre-Order page to allow them to buy these at launch.

30 comments on “Buy Google Glasses Online
  1. marwan says:

    i want one!

  2. homno says:


  3. pushan says:

    google glass are so good

  4. pushan says:

    i want one

  5. manoj kumawat says:

    nice.& i want a glass

  6. Jonah says:

    So cool I want one

  7. Mateus Felipe says:

    I want one google glass is fabolous

  8. Mattia says:

    i will buy them too when the price goes down much more

  9. malik says:

    will they work for people who need glasses ?

  10. bobby says:

    waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy to expensive I will get a pair when they go down $1000!!

  11. scooby says:

    when will it come out in asia?

  12. sdfasdfsdfafd says:

    ive got a pair, just arrived :p you guys have to wait a year

  13. Pvu says:

    It’s already been a year

  14. manu says:

    i want to oe.

  15. Jessika Hatcher says:

    I want one i will save all of my college fung if needed

  16. Ryan says:

    Can I have some googel glass I will use it for a good cost

  17. Daniel says:

    I really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really really want one ive ben looking everywhere

  18. sarah Johns says:

    I need some for a virtual fieldtrip to Antarctica. My students would love to come with me from NZ but this would be the next best thing. Can I borrow a pair please.

  19. mak says:

    plese give free for 100 glass

  20. zhang jie says:

    i want two

  21. nikhil verma says:

    i will pay any amount for that glasses

  22. rubhean says:

    how much isthe sunglases

  23. Chris says:

    i want it 😛

  24. damuet says:

    will i be able to watch youtube on them?

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